As a Creative Director and Designer, Olivia is a strategic leader and visionary with expertise in all areas of design, development and branding. She is an art enthusiast with a passion for color and an eye for aesthetic quality who has traveled the globe for inspiration and excels at identifying new trends and creating compelling design presentations. 

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Olivia's work has been featured nationally and globally. As a style expert and inspiring communicator she brings relevant trends and topics while giving a voice to brands with her unique point of view and fun fashion advice. Olivia has been featured on various lifestyle TV segments across the US and was most proud to be featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Digital and Editorial Press›

With an extensive knowledge of blogging, branding, digital and social media trends, Olivia helps brands and small businesses create an impactful and unique digital footprint. Specializing in digital marketing creation, strategy, and social media management, she creates and curates content that is aspirational, engaging and customer centric.

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