The Juggle is Real

Happy Labor Day weekend! Summer is shortly coming to a close and school is back in session! As a working mom, this time of year can be super busy for me with changing routines and multiple schedules to manage. Plus, I need to carve out time for outreach and networking for my freelance business so the #juggleisreal! Both my SAHM and working mom friends agree that having a system for staying organized is paramount! While everyone has a different method for staying on top of things, I thought I would share some of the ways I keep my home and schedule running smoothly as a work-from-home mom.


I'm a morning person, so I start out everyday checking emails, social media and get a jump start on household chores before starting my styling work. I also know many moms who use early mornings, before their family wakes, to get ahead of daily tasks or opt for some personal gym time. I even schedule calls early in the day to keep my evenings free for family time or meet-ups and networking events. 

Since my schedule is constantly changing it can sometimes feel like riding a hamster wheel! But, keeping a calendar allows me to stay on top of things. Google calendar is my best friend; If it's not on my calendar, it's not happening! I then share any important dates, especially if it's new to my son's schedule, with his dad and my mom (his caregiver), so we can make any adjustments to our own personal schedules. I also keep an up-to-date contact list on all my devices with both email and home addresses. I refer to it at the beginning of every month to keep abreast of birthday's and anniversaries.

My 4 year old is starting PreK next week, so while we're ready for the new schedule, I know adjustments will inevitably be made. Having a game plan to start with gives me a little reassurance that even when things get busy we won't miss the important stuff:)

How do you keep on top of your to-do list and juggle your family's schedule?

XOXO, Olivia